Hoove Designs is an original, family-owned and operated furniture company. David, Jane, and Brian Hoover started the custom-designed and built woodworking business to serve customers that demand superior craftsmanship and have a unique need that can not be found in a traditional furniture store.
Our Shop is located at 500 North Drive- Suite 3 - in Melbourne, Florida

David Hoover- David is a graduate of Purdue University. He has been an Engineer and in the manufacturing industry for over 25 years. Creating and designing things has always been his passion. Throughout his career, woodworking and designing projects is an area he has pursued. He has reached a point in life where doing what he loves has become his focus. He started Hoove Designs as a family business with the goal of creating custom projects that the discriminating buyer is looking for.
Jane Hoover- Jane is involved in sales and marketing for Hoove Designs. She enjoys the role of helping customers become aware of the possibilities and services that Hoove Designs has to offer. She assists with the creation of projects and the finishing touches.
Brian Hoover- Brian is involved in the design and the actual custom creations that Hoove Designs has to offer their customers. He has several years of training in the craft of woodworking. He has a strong desire to please his customers and offer them something that they can not find in "factory" made furniture.

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